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Services & Fees

What services are provided by Design Edge Studio, and how much is it going to cost? Let’s make sure that what you’re looking for - Design Edge Studio can provide. If you need a design service that isn’t listed, please send us an e-mail for more information.


Design Edge Studio can accommodate most design requests, however if we can't deliver what you want — we'll tell you up front.


Design | Maintenance | Hosting | Domain Names | Fees

Website Design

Design Edge Studio is a full-service web design company specializing in the design, maintenance and hosting of websites. We conceptualize, design and develop websites from start to finish, handling all aspects of the process.

   • New site design
   • Existing site redesign
   • Site maintenance
   • Site analysis
   • eCalendars (interactive)
   • Blogs (discussion boards)
   • Search engine optimization
   • Consulting


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Your website is a growing, breathing creature that is alive on the web. Maintenance refers to the ongoing updates and changes that your website will need. Consider it “food” for your site.


We use the word “need” because we feel that regular updates to your site are essential for your continued success. However, it’s not mandatory. Many websites stay stagnant with no changes at all throughout their entire life. We believe that to keep your customers coming back, and to keep your site a good representation of your company — it will need periodic updates.

After we have developed your website, an hourly fee (see below) will apply when we are maintaining your site.


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Hosting makes your website visible to anyone looking for it. Without hosting, your website is not accessible; your site might exist – but not on the web.


We offer monthly and yearly packages. Hosting fees vary greatly depending on your needs. If you have a very small, basic web site that doesn’t need any special features, you shouldn’t have to pay more than $30 per month. Larger sites and those with special programming features are subject to higher hosting fees.


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Domain Names

A domain name is your website’s address. Domain names begin with ’WWW’ followed by ’THE NAME YOU CHOOSE ’, and end with ’.COM’. For example, our domain name is


If you would like us to register your name for you, please contact us. We offer domain names at discounted prices and often give them to you free when you have us develop your web site.


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Fees & Payments

Our designs are usually estimated on an individual basis. Clients, projects and budgets vary — as do our services. Fees vary depending on not only the scope of the project, but also the level of involvement from our clients.


Website design. . . start at $400
Nonprofit organizations . . . call for information
Design rate for maintenance . . . $75 per hour (15 minute minimum)
Interactive calendar . . . one time set-up fee and/or monthly fee*
Blog . . . one time set-up fee and/or monthly fee*
Domain names . . . $30 annually (includes routing/forwarding)*
Hosting . . . rates vary depending on your website


*For fees not listed or for more information, please contact us


There is no charge for the initial consultation. If you decide to have us create a design for you, a deposit will be required. Deposits vary depending on the size of your project but can be one-third to one-half of the final estimated cost. For large projects, a progress payment may be required half-way through the design process.


All projects require final payment to be paid in full upon completion. Maintenance and hosting fees are billed monthly and due upon receipt. We offer annual hosting plans at discounted rates. For more information on our fees or our discount plans, please contact us.


We accept credit cards via our PayPal® business account, checks, money orders, cashier checks and of course cash. We are a registered and verified PayPal® business account holder.



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Personal Service

When you call the office, you won't reach a phone tree, you'll reach us directly. When you send an e-mail, it won't be lost in time. It will be answered by the person you send it to, typically within a few hours. We know all our clients by first name — not by an identification number. We take pride in the relationships that develop through our work.

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